Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Neutral Refill Kit

Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Neutral Refill Kit

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Item #: 032599370

Ultra-Bond® Plus is a multi-purpose, photo-initiated, dual-cure, restorative resin cement that excels at bonding porcelain restorations. Ultra-Bond Plus's physical properties are matched to tooth structure and Lumineers® porcelain, virtually eliminating cracking, crazing, and pop-offs. Ultra-Bond Plus also provides high abrasion resistance, excellent radiopacity, and an opacity that reproduces the beauty of natural teeth.


  • (1) 6g Syringe of Ultra-Bond Plus Cement Neutral
  • (1) 1g Syringe of Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Paste Neutral
  • (10) Auto-Mix Tips
  • (6) 18-Gauge Syringe Tips, Pink

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