Return to Work Resource Centre

National Dental Supplies along with DenMat’s 45 years of manufacturing experience provides you with innovative and clinically-proven products to support your practice as you begin the road to recovery and beyond. The following products have been carefully identified as materials that will help get your practice up and running quickly and safely. DenMat products are manufactured in Lompoc, California, USA.

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Dental team members will often be responsible for communicating with patients in advance of appointment attendance. For this reason, it is important that each practice has in place a protocol and training for their team on how to screen for patients at risk of COVID-19.

Get Started with DenMat Infection Control Products

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Surface Cleanser
  • Rubber Dam Clamps
  • Scalers & Curettes
  • Curing Light Barrier Sleeves

Cleansers & Sanitisers

Hand Sanitiser

DenMat's liquid Hand Sanitiser is formulated with alcohol antiseptic 80% solution. It contains glycerin to help moisturise and soothe hands and is safe and effective for use on children and adults.

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Surface Cleanser

DenMat's Hard Surface Cleanser is formulated with bleach for safe and effective removal of germs and viruses and a mild lemon scent to deodorise while cleaning. For use on multiple hard, nonporous surfaces.

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Instruments & Barriers

Scalers & Curettes

Employ the lowest aerosol-generating armamentarium when delivering any type of restorative or hygiene care with Hartzell® Instruments scalers and curettes.

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Curing Light Barrier Sleeves

Provide optimum protection for you and your patients during restorative procedures with plastic barrier sleeves for use with all Flashlite® LED Curing Lights.

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Rubber Dam Clamps

Ensure isolation for clean and dry operating field and protection from possible exposure to infectious diseases or blood-borne pathogens during procedures.

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Restorative Products

Core Paste

Core Paste is a composite resin system that has high compressive strength and superior handling properties for simple placement and long-term clinical success.

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Infinity Cement

Infinity is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlay / onlays, cast metal and posts.

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Perfectemp II

This self-cure, bis-acrylic temporary material has the strength to resist breakage and wear, combined with shade options and polishability to match natural aesthetics.

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Nuance Composite

Nuance is a light-cured, micro-hybrid resin composite. It's translucent when thin and opaque when thick. One body shade can be used for an entire restoration.

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Impression Materials

Splash VPS Impression Material

From simple cases to complex full-mouth restorations, our VPS materials deliver consistent impressions and the extraordinary qualities you and your patient can depend on in a price range for every procedure.

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Vanilla Bite Registration Material

Vanilla Bite is a medium viscosity VPS bite registration material. The smooth mousse-like texture is ideal for 1—2 unit cases and features a shore-A hardness of 90 for extreme accuracy in just seconds.

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The Gripper Impression Trays

The Gripper's hybrid of metal and plastic, overall slim profile, and soft mesh lining give the trays maximum strength and exceptional accuracy without sacrificing patient comfort.

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