Bio-Cap Kit

Bio-Cap Kit

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Bio-Cap® is a single-component, no-mix, light-cure pulp capping material. You can also use it as a liner for sensitivity-free placement of posterior restorations. Bio-Cap has a unique formula that has demonstrated clinical biocompatibility. Bio-Cap is a self-adhesive, dentin bonding, resin ionomer dispensed with handy, disposable needle tips.

Bio-Cap offers:

  • prevention of bacterial penetration, microleakage • prevention of sensitivity under large direct and indirect restorations • fluoride protection

Bio-Cap is used for:

  • Pulp Capping • Protective Base • Dentin Liner


  • (4) 1g Syringes of Bio-Cap
  • (20) 18-Gauge Syringe Tips, Pink
  • (20) 15-Gauge Syringe Tips, Orange

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