Mega Bite Registration Material

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Item #: SPD1370

DenMat's bite registration materials feature patient-pleasing scents to help reduce gagging and other distorting movements

Mega Bite™

Mega Bite registration material has a super fast set time of 55 seconds, provides optimal viscosity and rigidity for perfect occlusal accuracy in a short period of time. Mega Bite registration material is ideal for centric occlusion and centric relation registrations. Shore D hardness of >40 provides a material as rigid as a Bisacryl without the heat generation, brittleness or high price tag.
Delicious spearmint flavor reduces gagging and other distorting movements. Low shrinkage prevents material from locking into undercuts during removal, preventing inadvertent extractions or fractures when removing set impression.
Thixotropic formula stays in place without running or slumping. Trims cleanly and easily, without a rotary trimmer.

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