Cerinate Prime

Cerinate Prime

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Cerinate Prime® is a one bottle, no-mix organosilane, ceramic primer. Research has shown it to increase and enhance the bond between composite resin and porcelain. It can be used in enhancing the bond of Lumineers® with Ultra-Bond® Plus, as well as all composite resin luting cements with porcelain veneers. It also plays an important role in porcelain repair after the porcelain surface has been microabraded or etched with a porcelain etching agent like Porcelock® Porcelain Etchant. As a ceramic primer, Cerinate Prime allows the clinician to create a high strength chemical bond between porcelain and composite that is microleakage free.

Cerinate Prime offers:

  • (1) 5mL Bottle of Cerinate Prime

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