Ceri-Sander Posterior Ultra-Fine Strips Small

Ceri-Sander Posterior Ultra-Fine Strips Small

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(6) Ceri-Sander Posterior Ultra-Fine Strips, Small

The Ceri-Sander is designed to smooth and finish interproximal surfaces. Comes in both Anterior and Posterior versions. Ceri-Sander Sanding Strips are included in the following finishes:

The Ceri-Sander is used in conjunction with the Ceri-Saw Anterior and/or Ceri-Saw Posterior. The Ceri-Sander and Ceri-Saw both utilise a common handle that can function as a saw (surgical blades) and as a sander (sanding strips).

The Ceri-Saw uses high quality surgical blades. Extreme care should be taken when using these sharp instruments to avoid injuring the interdental papilla.

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