Ceri-Saw Posterior Blades

Ceri-Saw Posterior Blades

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Replacement posterior Ceri-Saw blades (10)

About the Ceri-Saw:
The Ceri-Saw is a hand-held, interproximal saw specially designed to remove excess composite in the contact areas, using one or both hands. The Ceri-Saw is available in two sizes: anterior (regular size) for anterior interproximal surfaces and posterior (small size) for posterior interproximal surfacesCeri-Saw is available in kits with 1 blade and 11 blades:

Ceri-Saw replacement blade packages contain ten blades:

The serrated edge of the Ceri-Saw blade is approximately .02 mm thick. The Ceri-Saw can be sterilised in an autoclave.

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