Infinity Syringe Kit

Infinity Syringe Kit

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Infinity® cement is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement ideal for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlay/onlays, cast metal and all types of posts. The self-adhesive formula syringes easily into place, minimising placement and post-operative sensitivity by sealing dentin tubules. Infinity delivers non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins every time. For years, thousands of dentists have made Infinity their #1 choice in resin cement.

Infinity offers:

  • all-purpose cement for all clinical applications
  • easy clean-up
  • self-adhesive, self-etch formulation
  • high bond strengths to all surfaces
  • low film thickness
  • dual-cure formulation
  • insoluble, non-microleaking margins
  • auto-mixing syringe and jar delivery systems


  • (1) 10g Syringe
  • (20) Mixing Tips

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