LumiSmile White 22% Take-Home Patient Kit

LumiSmile White 22% Take-Home Patient Kit

  • $99.95

Delivery 6-8 weeks from order date

Please note: 22% Carbamide Peroxide can only be purchased by a Dental Professional. Provider Number will be required. 

Item #: WHT1022

The LumiSmile® White Take-Home Whitening System offers premium professional-strength whitening for every smile. Its formulated with carbamide peroxide, flavoured with pure peppermint oil, and delivers maximum results in just 1-2 weeks with minimal sensitivity. With an 18-month shelf life requiring no refrigeration, and a price most patients can afford, LumiSmile White is a smart addition to your offerings.

LumiSmile White Take-Home Whitening offers:

  • 16%, 22% and 32% carbamide peroxide concentrations
  • maximum results with minimal sensitivity
  • formulations with or without fluoride
  • additional income for your office


  • (6) Syringes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Treatment
  • (2) Resin Sheets
  • (1) Mouthguard Case

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