LumiSmile White In-Office Whitening System

LumiSmile White In-Office Whitening System

  • $129.95

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Please note: This product can only be purchased by a Dental Professional. Provider Number will be required. 

Item #: WHT0025

The LumiSmile® White In-Office Whitening System a premium chairside whitening solution for every smile. Formulated to prove effective and fast whitening with minimal sensitivity. Its 25% hydrogen peroxide concentration gives patients an effective and enjoyable whitening experience in just an hour. For optimal results, patients can conveniently maintain their bright white smile at home with LumiSmile White Take-Home.

LumiSmile White In-Office offers:

  • 25% hydrogen peroxide concentration
  • use of optional Sapphire® light for even greater "wow" factor
  • 12-month shelf life, no refrigeration required


  • (1) Syringe of 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Treatment
  • (1) Syringe of Desensitising Gel
  • (1) Syringe of Paint-On Dental Dam
  • (1) Jar of Lip Moisturiser
  • (1) Mini-Brush Applicator
  • (1) 19g Syringe Tip
  • (1) Lip Expander
  • (3) Dappen Dishes

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