Pro-DenRx® Sensor Probes

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DenMat's Pro-DenRx® Sensor Probes make it possible to maintain consistency of probing force between clinicians and exams for more accurate reading every time.

Pro-DenRx Sensor Probes offer:

  • innovative probes that make it possible to maintain consistency of probing force between clinicians and examinations
  • autoclavability without damage to instrument
  • virtual non-abrasion and reduction of the potential for damaging the surface of any restoration


  • 12pk of Sensor Probes

Hartzell's periodontal & surgical instruments are manufactured, polished and finished in the USA. With consistent bends and second-to-none edge retention, these precision instruments allow you to work efficiently and effectively in providing quality care to your patients. Handcrafted with premium carbon steel, Hartzell's long lasting edges will retain its sharpness after multiple uses.

About Hartzell Dental Instruments 
Since 1935, G. Hartzell and Son Dental Instruments has proudly served dental professionals worldwide with the highest quality dental hand instruments. Since 2014, DenMat offers these superior instruments as a new addition to the DenMat family. These industry-leading tools connect you to your patient and have long been preferred by clinicians for perio, hygiene, restorative, ortho, endo, and surgical dental procedures.

Pricing varies depending on the quantity ordered, please contact our office on 1300 240 898 or email for more details.  


Hartzell Catalogue 

Download the Hartzell Instruments Precision Dental Hand Instruments Product Catalog as a handy reference when purchasing Hartzell Instruments.

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