Splash Regular Set Lite Body Cartridges

Splash Regular Set Lite Body Cartridges

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Item #: SPD1209

Splash!® Cartridges

Splash! is the perfect combination of reliability and value. This vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material features excellent flow properties and exceptional tear strength to create impressions you can depend on at a price you can afford.

The hydrophilic formula and exceptional tear strength of Splash! create quality impressions and superior stone model replicas.

With two set times, five high-contrast viscosities and a variety of dispensing methods to choose from, Splash! is the everyday choice for every technique and every budget. 

Cartridges are 48 ml each and come with 2 cartridges in a package. Extra Lite and Lite viscosity cartridges include yellow mix tips and intraoral tips for precise and controlled placement of wash material. 

Key Splash Features

  • 2 set times for any procedure. Super fast Half Time set of 2:15 is ideal for 1-2 unit cases while longer Regular set (4:30) allows more time for full arch or two-step impression techniques.
  • Low contact angle guarantees an accurate pour-up for perfect results.
  • High tear strength means margins won't rip upon removal from mouth.
  • Delicious Wild Berry flavor reduces gag reflex and patient discomfort.
  • High-dimensional stability enables multiple pours and exceptional detail reproduction indefinitely.

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