Splash Max Regular Set Lite Body

Splash Max Regular Set Lite Body

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Item #: SPD1612

SplashMax premium VPS impression material is available in a convenient 1:1 automix cartridge delivery system. Available in 4 high contrast viscosities (Xlite, Lite, Medium and Heavy) and two set times (2:15 & 4:30) cartridges are 50mL each and come with 2 cartridges per package. Bulk packaging is also available in 8 pack and 20 pack cartridges. Extra Lite and Lite viscosity cartridges include yellow mixing tips and intraoral tips for precise and controlled placement of wash material. Medium and heavy viscosities come with blue mixing tips.

SplashMax Highlights:

  • • Instant Hydrophilicity
  • • Maximum tear strength & elasticity
  • • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • • Thixotropic consistency and ideal flow properties
  • • 4 high contrast colors, 2 set times & 2 delivery options
  • • Wild berry scent

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