Tenure Quik with Fluoride Refill Kit

Tenure Quik with Fluoride Refill Kit

  • $409.95

Item #: 031145300

The Tenure Quik® formulation provides a surface-penetrating, low viscosity bonding agent. Once applied to etched enamel and dentin, Tenure Quik with Fluoride will completely penetrate and seal the tooth interface. High bond strengths, less steps and simplified placement, combined with the ability to bond to all surfaces and the added protection of fluoride, make this the product to use for composite placement. Tenure Quik with Fluoride is compatible with self-cure, dual-cure and light cure composite restoratives.

Tenure Quik offers:

  • a single component and simplified placement
  • bonding of all routine and indirect resin composites
  • root/dentin desensitisation
  • bonding of porcelain and ceramic veneers
  • bonding of amalgams and precious and semi-precious metals
  • bonding of indirect gold, porcelain, and ceramic inlays and onlays
  • crown prep desensitisation prior to impression/temp


  • (3) 5mL Bottles of Tenure Quik with Fluoride

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