Tetrapaque Dual-Cure Initiator

Tetrapaque Dual-Cure Initiator

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Opaquers, such as Tetrapaque®, are bright, intense shades that prevent transmission of light. These are placed on the tooth before application of the veneer with resin cement.

Tetraque shades include:

    • Enamel — a close to dead white shade usually mixed with other colours to help lighten
    • Dentin — a yellowish brown colour that adds warmth
    • Gingival — a light yellow to pink shade that is very universal and adds a warm, natural colouring
    • Violet— a violet/grey colour that neutralises severe yellow, orange or brown shades
    • Pink— a pink colour that neutralises dark stains such as tetracycline and creates a warmer, neutral colour.


        • (1) 4g Jar of Catalyst

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